what’s in my kitchen – a buying guide

picardi glasses
The Best Drinking Glasses
Duralex Picardie 8-3/4-Ounce Clear Tumbler

kitchenaid-pro600The Best Stand Mixer
Kitchen Aid Professional Series 6-Quart in Aqua Sky Blue

shun nakiri
My Go-To Knife for Vegetables
Shun Classic Nakiri

savora garlic-press
Garlic Presses are a Time Saver
Savora Garlic Press in Snow

The Ultimate Cast Iron Skillet
Finex 12″ Cast Iron Skillet

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My Favorite French Oven
Staub 2.75qt Round Cocotte

Perfect for Making Sauces
Kaico Enamel Milk Pan

My Go-To Nonstick Skillet
Panda Non-Stick Frying Pan

Best Bowls for Food Prep & Mixing
Pyrex Prepware Mixing Bowl Set

Odd-Size Measuring Spoons
Tablecraft Extra Large Measuring Spoon Set

Scientific Beakers as Liquid Measuring Cups
Corning Pyrex Graduated Beakers

Doubles as a Small Mixing Bowl and Liquid Measuring Cup
Pyrex Prepware 4-Cups Measuring

My Go-to Stoneware Plates
CB2 Black Clay Salad Plate

i am a food blog what's in my kitchen
The Best Stove to Table Frying Pan
Staub Cast Iron Fry Pan with Beechwood Handle